There's A Doll In Each Of Us

There's A Doll In Each Of Us

Porcelain Fantasies is the birth child of Aqualyne Kohime. The store started about 2 years ago as Yowatashi Boshi Designs and has recently been revamped from a Ballgown and Haute Couture store to one that caters to every type of doll imaginable focusing on Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL), Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA), Vampire Romance, and Elegant Haute Couture (EHC). Aqualyne Kohime-Yiyuan (Yes she’s married) hopes to have her designs cater to every type of person male and female alike to bring out the doll in them no matter what they like to wear. Some would say her designs caters to women, but as Japan itself has proven  “even a male looks pretty in a dress.” Her inspiration comes from world famous  guitarist/designer “Mana” of the Elegant Gothic Lolita/Aristocrat store “Moi Meme Moitie.” The “Porcelain” Brand will be expanding soon with “Porcelain Perceptions” a store focusing on the “Eyes” as designed by her husband Azure Yiyuan. Porcelain Fantasies has hit the scene out of no where, and with her minimum success thus far Aqualyne Kohime has high hopes for her future in the Second Life Fashion World.


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